Annual Virtual Meeting Abstract Submissions and Guidelines


To be considered, presentation proposals (abstracts) should contain timely, applicable and relevant information on research methodology with demonstrative importance to adhesion science and technology. Short abstracts must list all co-authors and affiliations, provide a brief synopsis of the research being presented, and must not exceed 300 words (not including title, authors and author affiliations).

Immediately following the deadline date of October 26, the Program Committee will review all abstract submissions and select those suitable for presentation at the 2021 Annual Virtual Meeting. You will be notified shortly thereafter of its decision and will be required to submit an extended abstract for submission.

Click here to review the short abstract template

Short abstracts are currently being reviewed by the committee. If your abstract is suitable for presentation at the Annual Meeting, you will be required to submit an extended abstract. Click below for the extended abstract template. Deadline to submit an extended abstract is January 8, 2021.

Click here to review the extended abstract template

When applying for the “Peebles Award”, please check the Peebles Award box on the form. You will need to submit an extended abstract as well. Your extended abstract is due on October 26, 2020.


With our transition to a virtual event in 2021 we will be updating our poster guidelines shortly. Both oral and poster submissions require submission of abstracts.

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