Adhesion Society Divisions

The primary function of the divisions is to assist with the dissemination of scientific and technical information in areas of interest to the Division. Membership in the Divisions is open to any  member in good standing of The Adhesion Society.  There are currently three divisions, the Soft Adhesives Division, the Structural Adhesives Division, and the Bioadhesion Division with general interests outlined below.

Soft Adhesives Division
Topics of interest to the Soft Adhesives Division include synthesis, applications, structure-property relationship, rheology, coatability, testing, performance prediction, formulation, theories of pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs), and bridging the gap between the industry and the academics for a better understanding of PSA technology.

Structural Adhesives Division
Topics of interest to the Structural Adhesives Division include synthesis/development of structural adhesives, substrate/structural adhesive interfaces, mechanical behavior of structural  adhesives, long term interface and property stability of structural adhesives, lifetime prediction of structural adhesive properties, and modeling of structural adhesives and properties, and structural adhesive joint design.

Bioadhesion Division
Topics of interest to the Bioadhesion Division include but are not limited to; biomedical adhesives; tissue, cell or biomolecular adhesion; identification and elucidation of natural adhesive phenomena and subsequent biomimicry or bio-inspired design; characterization of bioadhesion; development of bioadhesive testing methods; and bioadhesive modeling with theory or computer simulations.