Structural Adhesives Division Bylaws

1. The Division shall be known as the Structural Adhesives Division and shall be a Division of The Adhesion Society, Inc.

2. The function of the Structural Adhesion Division, hereafter referred to as the Division, shall be to assist the dissemination of scientific and technical information in areas of interest to the Division. Topics of interest to the Division include but are not limited to; synthesis/development of structural adhesives, substrate structural adhesive interfaces, mechanical behavior of structural adhesives, long term interface and property stability of structural adhesives, lifetime prediction of structural adhesive proper ties, and modeling of structural adhesives and properties, and structural adhesive joint design.

3. Membership in the Division shall be open to any member in good standing of The Adhesion Society.

4. Officers of the Division shall consist of a Chair, a Vice-Chair, and a Secretary-Treasurer, each of whom is elected by the membership of the Division for a term of two years. These officers shall constitute the Divisional Council. Any member of the Division can be nominated for the position of Chair, Vice-Chair, or Secretary-Treasurer and whoever gets the highest plurality of votes shall be deemed to have been elected to that office. The Chair of the Division shall be a member of the Executive Committee of The Adhesion Society. Terms of the Division officers will be concurrent with those of the officers of The Adhesion Society. The Executive Committee of The Adhesion Society shall decide on the methods of distributing and counting ballots. The Chair of the Division shall be responsible for the day to day running of the Division. The Chair will run Division Council meetings and, in case of a tie vote on any issue brought to that council, the Chair s vote will be the deciding vote. The Vice-Chair will assume the role of Chair for the remainder of the term should the Chair not be able to fulfill their term or has become temporarily incapacitated. The Vice-Chair shall also have the authority to decide all issues normally left to the Chair if the Chair is unavailable for any reason. Those decisions should be reviewed by the Chair as soon as possible. The secretary-treasurer shall be responsible for collecting and accounting for all revenues and paying and accounting for all expenses. In addition, the Secretary-Treasurer will be responsible for keeping minutes and sending out appropriate notices, newsletters, and/or other information as deemed necessary by the Chair or Vice-Chair of the Division or the executive committee of The Adhesion Society. The Chair, with the advice of the Division Council, will appoint a committee to nominate candidates for all division council officer positions. In addition, nominations from the membership-at-large of the Division shall be accepted providing those nominations are seconded, as evidenced by a signed petition by at least 5% of the membership of the Division and that such a petition is submitted to the nominating committee in time to be included in the ballots, in accordance with the provisions of these bylaws. The first officers of this Division shall be appointed by the Executive Committee of The Adhesion Society and shall serve until the first election of Division officers. The first election of Division officers shall be held for the 2006-2008 term.

5. The Division shall organize and run a Symposium consisting of at least one, but not more than five sessions of orally presented papers submitted by members of the society or guests at each of the general meetings. In addition, the Division can designate that certain of the presentations be made at the general poster session of The Adhesion Society. All presenters will submit an extended abstract for publication in the Conference Proceedings, according to the procedures of The Adhesion Society. The Division shall hold an annual meeting of the members of the Division Council and a General business meeting which shall be open to all members of The Adhesion Society. Said meetings shall be held at the annual meeting of The Adhesion Society. The Division Council shall also have the authority to conduct additional meetings of the Division Council when deemed necessary by the Division Council.

6. The Division Council shall appoint a Symposium Chair and Vice-Chair who will be responsible for organizing and running the Structural Adhesives Symposium for a period of two years. These individ uals shall be appointed at least 180 days prior to the commencement of the Symposium, which they shall be organizing. The terms of the Chair and Vice-Chair shall be staggered by one year and the Division Council shall preferably appoint one of the Symposium Vice-Chairs to be Symposium Chair for the second year of their term.

7. Costs associated with running and organizing the Symposium, including production and mailings of appropriate announcements, publishing extended abstracts in the bulletin, room and audio-video usage fees, and normal refreshments, shall be borne by The Adhesion Society. At the discretion of the Symposium Chair and with the consent of the Chair of the Division, the Symposium Chair can publish all or some of the manuscripts based on the presentations at the Symposium in either special issues of a journal or a bound volume or both. However, costs incurred in such endeavors shall not be borne by The Adhesion Society or passed on to its members involuntarily without the express consent of the Executive Committee of The Adhesion Society.

8. The Division Council shall have the authority to assess dues, if necessary, to members of the Division for the purpose of finding Division related activities not funded by The Adhesion Society. All money collected shall be turned over to the Treasurer of The Adhesion Society. The membership fees for the years 2003-2004 shall be $0.00 and shall remain so unless specified otherwise for a specific year.

9. These Bylaws can be amended or changed by a simple majority vote of the members of the Division and a simple majority vote by the Executive Committee of The Adhesion Society.

10. These Bylaws shall become effective upon acceptance by the Executive Committee of The Adhesion Society.