About the Society

The mission of The Adhesion Society is to:

  1. Promote the advancement of the science and technology of adhesion and the dissemination of this knowledge.
  2. Promote education and training in the science and technology of adhesion.
  3. Provide recognition of accomplishments in the international adhesion science and technology community.

To accomplish this mission, the activities of The Adhesion Society include:

  1. An annual technical meeting where advances in adhesion science and technology are discussed.
  2. Online publication of proceedings from the annual meeting.
  3. A short course on the science and technology of adhesion offered at the annual meeting.
  4. Travel assistance for graduate students to attend the annual meeting and short course via the Peebles Award Competition.
  5. Awards recognizing accomplishments in adhesion science and technology, and recognition of the most distinguished student paper presented at the annual meeting.