Letter from the President

Dear Members of the Adhesion Society,

I am honored to serve as President of the Adhesion Society, and I remain committed to catalyzing the advancement of the fundamental science and engineering of adhesion while ensuring strong partnerships with our adhesive and sealant industry for broader impact. The Adhesion Society has provided me a valuable approach to discovery over the past two decades, and in the words of Professor Thomas Ward from Virginia Tech, “think adhesion at the molecular level.” This use-inspired perspective catalyzes many new directions in our field, ranging from reversible adhesion and bio-inspired adhesion to responsive surface chemistry and tunable interfaces in additive manufacturing. I would like to thank our former President, Dr. Greg Schueneman from the US Forest Service, for his leadership, vision, and tireless approach to advancing the infrastructure, functionality, and membership focus during his tenure. Greg served as a real inspiration to me during my transition, and he also provided keen oversight to the workings of the Society, which has enabled me to inherit a finely tuned organization and an engaged executive committee. I also want to thank Malinda Armstrong for her attention to detail, from the selection of the conference venue to the printing of presentation abstracts, which collectively ensures success at the national meetings.

It was our privilege to host the sixth World Congress on Adhesion and Related Phenomena (WCARP) this past February in concert with our 2018 Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA. The venue and weather were a nice break from the winter months, despite the less than favorable weather conditions for the 5k fun run/walk! This global adhesion conference rotates between continents every four years. Please join me in congratulating Prof. Joelle Frechette of John Hopkins University as the meeting program chair together with organization from an International Organizing Committee (IOC). This was an amazing feat with contributions from nine adhesion focused Societies in South America, Asia, and Europe. We welcomed 528 attendees from across the globe, the largest conference ever for the Adhesion Society! The adhesion science short course, which occurs immediately prior to the technical conference also attracted nearly 70 participants, again the largest participation in the history of the Society. Thanks to Prof. Dave Dillard from Virginia Tech and his fellow instructors for delivering an engaging and interdisciplinary course. We also had the opportunity to recognize one of our scientific leaders, Prof. Ray Pearson from Lehigh University, as the recipient of the 2018 Award for Excellence in Adhesion, sponsored by the 3M Company. The award session on Sunday afternoon captivated the audience with the nanoscience of adhesion and concluded with Prof. Pearson’s lecture dealing with nanoparticle toughened epoxies. Henkel Corporation continues to support the Peebles Award Symposium, where our future leaders in adhesion science presented their latest findings; it is always challenging to select the top student presentations. We were also pleased to welcome Dr. Robert Allen from IBM Almaden as our banquet speaker, and he spoke to the need to continue a strong partnership among universities and industries. It is this entanglement of faculty, students, and industrial researchers that defines the Society and ensures an intertwined professional network for years to come.

Save the date! The 2019 Annual Meeting will be held on February 17-20, 2019 at the Sonesta Resort Hotel in Hilton Head, South Carolina. We continue the tradition of holding the annual meeting in a warm and beautiful location during the colder month of the year, representing an opportunity to escape colder temperatures and discuss the latest findings in our field. I know that the success of WCARP will bring a new cadre of researchers to the annual meeting, and parallel technical sessions and posters combined with opportunities for professional networking will be an excellent opportunity for all. I want to thank Dr. Nick Shephard from Dow Corning Corporation and Dr. Chris Wohl from NASA Langley, who accepted the challenge to serve together as the program co-chairs for the conference. Nick and Chris bring a broad perspective on adhesion science, and this is the first time we have welcomed co-chairs, ensuring a diverse technical program. We are also pleased to announce the selection of Prof. Al Crosby of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst as the recipient of the 3M-sponsored 2019 Award for Excellence in Adhesion! We look forward to an exciting session on Sunday at the conference in honor of Prof. Crosby and his students. Please contact me if you have suggestions to advance the Adhesion Society or if you simply want to get involved at any level. I look forward to seeing you in Hilton Head!  

Member Spotlight

2018 Award for Excellence in Adhesion Science (sponsored by 3M)

The 2018 Award for Excellence in Adhesion Science sponsored by 3M to Professor Ray Pearson, Lehigh University, for his pioneering research in elucidating mechanisms of rubber toughening of polymers and structural adhesives.

The award session on Sunday afternoon captivated the audience with the nanoscience of adhesion and concluded with Professor Pearson’s lecture dealing with nanoparticle toughened epoxies.