Joelle Frechette President University of California - Berkeley  
Nick  Shephard Vice President Dow Chemical Company  
Alfred Crosby Past President University of Massachusetts-Amherst  
Aaron Forster Secretary National Institute of Standards & Technology  
Chris Campbell Treasurer 3M Company  
Michelle Seitz Editor DSM  
Sarah Fischer Member at Large Fraunhofer IZFP  
Marleen Kamperman Member at Large University of Groningen  
Rong Long Member at Large University of Colorado Boulder  
Joe Dennis Structural Division Chair DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory  
Mehdi Vahdati Bioadhesion Division Chair CNRS Institut Charles Sadron  
Kate Jensen Soft Division Chair Williams College  
Amy Peterson Program Chair University of Massachusetts Lowell  
Michael Bortner Program Chair Virginia Tech  
Chelsea Davis Program Chair Purdue University  
Malinda Armstrong Home Office Manager Adhesion Society