Alfred Crosby President University of Massachusetts-Amherst [email protected]
Joelle Frechette Vice President University of California - Berkeley [email protected]
Timothy Long Past President Arizona State University [email protected]
Aaron Forster Secretary National Institute of Standards & Technology [email protected]
Chris Campbell Treasurer 3M Company [email protected]
Edwin Chan Editor NIST [email protected]
Andrew Croll Member at Large North Dakota State University [email protected]
Marleen Kamperman Member at Large University of Groningen [email protected]
Rong Long Member at Large University of Colorado Boulder [email protected]
Ajay Krishnamurthy Structural Division Chair Eaton Corporation [email protected]
Dan Sameoto Bioadhesion Division Chair University of Alberta [email protected]
Daniel King Soft Division Chair Hokkaido University [email protected]
Amy Peterson Program Chair University of Massachusetts Lowell [email protected]
Michael Bortner Program Chair Virginia Tech [email protected]
Niels Holten-Andersen Program Chair Massachusetts Institute of Technology [email protected]
Malinda Armstrong Home Office Manager Adhesion Society [email protected]