Student Awards

Student Award Guidelines

Peebles award winners will be chosen based on the following criteria:

  1. Timeliness and relevance to the field of adhesion.
  2. Clarity in statement of the problem or research goal.
  3. Soundness of the approach.

Peebles award applicants submit short and long abstracts according to the deadlines stated below.  In addition to this, applicants may submit a paper of their choice along with the short abstract.  This paper must list the student applicant as the first author, and will be used as the primary basis for determining the Peebles award winners.  This paper does not need to correspond to the exact topic of the student’s proposed presentation at the meeting if it is not the extended abstract.  It can be either a published or in-press paper, a preprint, or the actual extended abstract that will be submitted to the meeting.  All submissions must have good English grammar and sentence structure or their application may be rejected. All submissions with more than two co-authors must include a separate description of the contributions of each co-author. Students not chosen to participate in the Peebles symposium will be considered for slots in the general meeting program as availability permits.

Information from previous years:
Deadlines for submitting the short and long abstracts are similar to the deadlines for the general program, except for the fact that the long abstracts are due significantly earlier.  This earlier deadline is necessary because the long abstracts are used as the basis for judging the submissions.  The current deadlines are listed on the Annual Meeting web page.

Submission of Short Abstracts
Students wishing to apply for a Peebles Award follow the normal policy for submission of a short abstract (150-250 words) with the same as the general call for papers short abstract deadline.  Peebles applicants should check the box indicating that they are a student awards applicant.

Submission of Extended Abstracts
Peebles applicants with accepted short abstracts must submit an extended abstract via the Annual Meeting web site per the listed deadline.  Peebles applicants should use the standard Author’s Template shown on the Meeting Information page for preparation of the extended abstract.

Winners of the Peebles Award will be notified by December 15, and will present their papers at the Peebles Award Symposium, which will be open to all attendees of the Annual Meeting.  Other applicants will present their work in one of the standard program or poster sessions as availability allows.


Alan Gent Distinguished Student Paper Award

The Peebles Award Symposium presentations will form the basis for choosing the winner of the Alan Gent Distinguished Student Paper Award, sponsored by Henkel. The winner of the Gent Award will receive a cash prize in addition to the remuneration associated with being a Peebles Award winner.

If there are questions about the Student Award competition please contact Tim Long at [email protected].